About me

In 2010, while I was still a student at the BME Faculty of Architecture, I was introduced to the wonderful world of make-up artistry. I soon realised that this was the creative profession that I would genuinely love to do every day.

I graduated as a design and art critic in design theory from BKF in 2015. As part of my thesis I was in the fortunate situation of exploring the make-up history from the 18th century to the early 20th century.

Make-up history is of significant importance to me as a make-up artist because I believe that we can only foresee today’s tendencies if we understand the trends of the past.

In previous years I have made use of my findings in make-up history in several documentaries, many of which have received prestigious local and international awards.

Apart from documentaries I have been working as a make-up artist in advertisements, TV shows, music videos. I also offer my services for portraitures and photo shoots for advertising campaigns. You can find some of these in my portfolio.

My one-on-one lessons are a labor of love to me, where my guests open up and become more confident through the make-up.

Bridal make-ups follow today’s trends and at the same time they are done with an emphasis on naturality and with respect to the personality of the bride.

If you would like to look behind the scenes, you are welcome to read my blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!